Dale Baskett, was the first football speed coach in America, the foundational pioneer for the industry. His legendary accomplishments began in 1978, at the time he was coaching collegiate football and track. During a practice he was approached by a football player who asked if he could get some help with speed. The situation prompted a question, where do athletes in general, go to acquire speed development? In 1978 speed training for football and varying sports was non-existent.

The thought inspired him to create and develop an application series specifically for football speed. Coaching sprints in track and being a football coach, gave him an understanding of the technical differences of each sport. Shortly thereafter his program took off. It was soon obvious there was a large potential of interest from the football community.

Nearly four decades later and with many diversified training encounters, he made a major discovery.  The arms play a huge role in everything an athlete does on their feet.  He's coined the phrase, "The arm does it all".  He’s considered the author who professes, “The greatest potential for football speed is derived directly by Technical Applications”. Applications that are the standards that control multi-movement acceleration, that effectively control directional changes, increasing transition velocity with control, and the introduction of the” Extension Plant” technique. These methods are all scientific based principles. Coach Baskett is the author of the "Extension Plant" technique. All of his methods are scientific based principles.

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